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West African Economic and

Trade Cooperation Association

Responsibility Range

1. Cooperate closely with relevant government departments of various countries to organize and help governments and enterprises to participate in high-level exchanges between business and government in West Africa, especially in the East Asia Alliance Leaders Meeting Mechanism, Heads of Government and Economic and Trade Ministers, and bilateral intergovernmental economic and trade relations. Cooperation and other related activities.



2. Organize and participate various summits, forums, conferences, workshop and special reports, invite ASEAN government officials, famous economic experts, scholars and business leaders to give lectures and provide economic development for member companies and other institutions in West Africa. , the latest developments in international trade, project investment, etc.


3. Organize international entrepreneurs and managers to training in West Africa and ASEAN countries, understand relevant laws, regulations, trade and investment environment, and famous business development strategies; investigate the development status of bilateral related industries and enterprises, and Introduction advanced management of enterprises in various countries experience and find opportunities for cooperation.



4. Helping enterprises from all over the world to explore the West African market.Organizing exhibitions around the world ,and dialogues activites between forums , entreprises and governments   to help coordinate and resolve disputes and problems arising from cooperation between various countries and West Africa.



5. Promote the policy support of governments for the entry of small and medium-sized enterprises into West Africa and promote the cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises in West Africa.



6. Publication of relevant economic and trade laws, regulations, policies, developments and latest information in West African countries.




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