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Tong Shang International Commercial Bank


Bank business scope includes:


General commercial banks international trade & domestic deposit business, trust, investment banking, project custody & bond issuance business, digital currency, cryptocurrency & blockchain trading business, various funds & derivative financial products issuance business.


•Tong Shang International Commercial Bank will promote and promote local financial policy reform and innovation


•Promote Gambia's docking overseas economic opportunities and strengthen foreign investment development


•Support local businesses in the areas of infrastructure, energy, environmental protection, education and health through economic strategies, loans, guarantees, debt issuance and technical assistance


•Improve the local financial environment, innovate financial products to connect with international financial markets to improve local people's financial knowledge

Business Scope


1.Commercial Bank International and Domestic Business


2.Trust business


3.Project development and project bond business


4.Digital currency and blockchain development business


5.Various types of issue fund business


6.Mobile payment


7.Stored value card

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