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The Eye of West Africa-GAMBIA 




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The Gambia is a member of the Commonwealth and located on the west coast of Africa. It is a politically stable country with the most favorable economic development. Besides, it has the most beautiful natural environment with abundance of fertile land in Africa. They are well equipped with manpower, water and electricity resources; along with the government’s advocacy in international trade-free policies. The establishment and operation of the constitutional system stems mainly from the British model which the president should be elected under an open, free and fair election system. It practices democracy which the rule of law protects the rights of citizens and maintains order. The Government of Gambia plays a huge role in the economic development; as in December 1991, the Nationality Citizenship Act was amended, which encouraged foreign investment to develop the nation and giving the opportunity to be a Gambian citizen in enjoying the same treatment.



Gambia is well known as “The Smiling Coast of West Africa”. Facing the Atlantic Ocean at the west, the Gambia River traverses the whole territory, possessing such captivating tropical atmosphere and rich biological species. According to a source, the region has more than 600 kinds of rare birds, red mahogany trees forest, and various insects specimens. The data also showed about 350,000 tourists, mostly from Europe, visit Gambia each year.

This unique country attracts large number of visitors whom are captivated by the bright sunshine, sea, beach and cultural experiences. In addition, it is a popular and economical destination, especially for those whom looking for a getaway during winter season. The number of tourists visiting Gambia every year can reach up to 500,000, mainly from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and other countries.

With the non-polluted Atlantic sea water, soft sand, plenty of sunshine and fresh air; whilst strategically located at 48km coastline of the country, from the capital Banjul to the coasts of Bakau and Fagara; Gambia is the most ideal place for sea bathing, sunbathing and air bathing (three baths).

Gambia has vast beach area and natural tropical forest that are rich in biodiversity especially birds which placed Gambia being the world's largest kingfisher population area. As the Gambia River connects throughout the country, the best route to explore Gambia is certainly by boat along the Gambia River. From Banjul, the Gambia River can take you across St. Mary’s Island and Koinadugu too. By boat, you can not only enjoy the fun of sailing, but also witness an eye opening view of the African continent along the river banks, whilst appreciate the infinite charm of nature. At the same time, you can also visit some of the major cities in the Gambia and the historical sites on both sides of the straits.


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