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West African Economic and

Trade Cooperation Association

Implement Politics

1. Joint international investors stationed in West Africa to become partners in the West Africa Eye Economic Cooperation Agreement


2. Strengthen local manufacturing and production


3. Improve the financial environment and integration with the international community


4. Enhance national brands and create high-quality tourism and immigration mechanisms


5. Construction of the West Africa Halal Certification Center (Educate for the West African Muslim population)


6. Strengthen local efficient agricultural technology


7. Enhance the level of local professional education


8. Reduce local poverty gaps



Improve regional infrastructure to improve people's living standards, construction of transportation facilities, including the construction of railway networks and the construction of new highways. In addition, it will assist in the excavation of groundwater sources and provide farmers with favorable conditions for growing crops and raising animals.

In addition to the implementation of acute food short-term measures such as food security and food shortage in West African countries, it will also work to formulate adjustments in the agricultural sector, ensure the formulation of food self-sufficiency policies, and long-term plans to increase the income of farmers.

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